Is Your Fire Energy (Third Chakra) Damaged? Lack of willpower, energy and enthusiasm are signs.


Notified about an artists colony deadline via email– the Millay Colony.  I went to their site.  From there ended up finding this wonderful pic that was highlighted by writer/artist Christopher Stackhouse, he called it “one of the most poignant pictures I’ve ever seen,” and then rhapsodizes on the light.  It’s the light that caught me, the power of fire.  Of course it resembles the paintings of the Hudson River School artists of the 19th century among others, such as the English painter Turner.


So I”m noticing life is filled with synchronicity as one practices meditation or yoga/tai chi or other  mind/body spiritual discipline.  This morn I did my Kundalini Yoga with Gururattana, and I chose to do set with kriyas for our inner fire energy! She discusses how the Fire energy within can be transmuted from negative expression such as anger, irritation, excess pride (when it is overly strong and not controlled by spiritual awareness.)  Conversely lack of inner fire-gives us a sense of dullness, a lack of purpose, easily led or manipulated.   The kundalini yoga set I did shifts that into awareness of our soul identity & purpose.  From that we can then develop our will and creative expression in the world.  Throughout she encourages the student to feel the inner fire in the body, to make friends with it.  Also the kriya helps to clear self-directed anger out of our system. All good stuff.


The Fire element is related to our Manipura, third chakra (also referred to as navel chakra)–“city of jewels.”  It can be felt in the physical body around the navel or between the navel and the sternum.  As mentioned above, this chakra relates to self-esteem, and sense of purpose and personal power.  “Transformation” is the key workd related to the manipura chakra according to the author of the book Chakra Meditation.


So if you sometimes find your ability to act and take purposeful steps to your goal is hampered then your relationship to the energy of fire may need exploration.  As regular readers know, this blog aims to suppport us in transformation from difficult experience to feeling more joyful in our lives as we move forward.

  • How is the quality of fire manifesting in your life?  If you have been through what I call a “thunderbolt” experience (negative fire,) such as job loss, health challenge, etc. your own personal inner fire-may be damaged as a result.

Why?  Well our 3rd chakra is our own personal sun energy, self-esteem and will power to project our desires outward-if you have been through a traumatic experience then very likely that energy got damaged!  By definition you were in a situation that was “disempowering,” you felt helpless, or it would not have been traumatic.  Your fire energy might express in various ways that are not helpful (see above,) as a result.  If the trauma is behind you, notice if you are still a bit “dazed” and unsure of yourself going forward.  And know that that is normal, from an energetic perspective.  I’m sure therapists would also have their own language for a post traumatic state.  The chakra system is another language or way of helping to heal and understand what we are going through.

Readers would love to see your comments or questions.  I’ll follow up with post on building up the 3rd chakra energy of fire in healthy ways, soon.  There are specific yogic techniques to stimulate the third chakra, as well as more contemplative ones too. Why not subscribe to blog to get notified of new posts?

Namaste, Kala

Photo credit: One Web site ( advises:  “The Elk Bath” August 6, 2000 on the East Fork of the Bitterroot River on the Sula Complex (in Montana.) This photograph was taken with a digital camera and is not available in high resolution. Photographer: John McColgan, the Alaskan Type I Incident Management Team, Bureau of Land Management, Alaska Fire Service.”

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  1. Hi Kala,
    I love this explanation about how to tell if your 3rd Chakra is not functioning properly. I guess you would be a bit gun shy after a trauma. I find the chakra system fascinating. Thanks for the great post.

    • Angela as an expert intuitive you would have a very highly developed ajna or third eye chakra. So even if we don’t utilize the chakra system consciously, it’s still part of who we are and how we express in the world. Thanks for your comment.


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