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NYC Private Yoga Teacher-Kala

  • Thanks for stopping by. I’m a NYC based private & corporate yoga instructor.  Want:

I’ve worked with: Madison Avenue “ladies who lunch” as well as high powered business people, as private clients. In the corporate area, I’ve taught yoga to office workers, professors and college students. I’ve taught yoga at Equinox, New York Sports Clubs and yoga studios.

For twenty-three years I’ve been a certified yoga teacher in MA, & NYC.

 I’m comfortable helping anyone to craft a mindfulness meditation practice that works for them.  That’s because I’ve spent up to six weeks at a time-in intensive, silent meditation retreats,

My bio is here, some testimonials are below.

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*New students only! Manhattan locations only. Limited time offer.

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Student Feedback:

Excellent! Should be mandatory for all employees! Thank you.

-Deskside Stretch participant

I like the breathing techniques the most. It was very relaxing.

-College Student @Stress Reduction workshop

I highly recommend that the college continue to offer classes for faculty and staff.  This was a great addition to the campus!  Thanks for a great semester!

Gentle Yoga participant

Great Workshop! Very helpful. Vivinne is an excellent instructor and very insightful.

-Deskside Stretch participant.


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 Private yoga lessons

Snapshot 2014-04-04 15-22-43are perfect for you if you:

  • Want a completely personalized lesson, customized to your busy schedule, energy level, mental and emotional needs.
  • Wanting to learn specific yogic techniques for stress, anxiety or depression that may not be covered in a random public class.
  • Are a beginner and want to learn the yoga postures properly.
  • Find it difficult to concentrate and progress in group yoga classes. No distracting crowded rooms and no comparing yourself with other yoga students.
  • Lower risk of injury because you are personally guided through the poses. Because of the lack of competition you are unlikely to try a pose before your body is ready.
  • Are healing from an illness or regaining body tone, post-pregnancy.
  • Ask about Detox Yoga!

Corporate Yoga (NYC)

NYC Skyline on Yoga at Work Corporate Yoga Teacher Websiteis ideal for your business:

  • Corporate yoga can increase employee productivity.
  • Improve your employees health with yoga: specific arm, hand and shoulder stretches to counteract the repetitive strain of the long hours spent at computer.
  • Improve employee job satisfaction and sense of community.
  • Mindfulness practices improve employee communication naturally.

See  link above for articles on benefits of yoga and mindfulness practices at work, rates, and options.