In Home Private Yoga Classes

Due to my nineteen years of practice and teaching yoga-I truly believe yoga is the best, complete system of mind, body and spirit enhancement.  Each custom yoga session includes postures (asanas) and pranayama (breathing practices) for bodily strength, flexibility,  calming the mind and purifying the body.  We always end with relaxation (shavasana) to restore and rejuvenate the body at a profound bliss level.  Your cells will dance with joy.  Over time this reflects in that yoga glow, as well as a yoga butt.  Yoga glow- a radiance- is the outer manifestation  of an inner glow-a steady inner peace that is your true nature.

You will find your day flows better, you accomplish more and you cope better no matter what challenges come up with family or business.

  • Simply to function at optimal levels, clarity of mind, sense of ease in body and overall health.
  • Re-tone abdomen quickly post-pregnancy.  A restorative yoga or gentle practice can de-stress and improve mood postpartum or menopausal.
  • Heal or cope with chronic illness, low back pain etc.
  • Learn to meditate (proven to alleviate stress symptoms)-perfect for fertility issues, or most chronic illness with stress component.  According to Ayurveda most illness is the result of imbalance and stress negatively impacting the body.  Unless mitigated in the long term this manifests as varying degrees of illness.
  • Cope with insomnia or life stress such as death of loved one.

New Client Intro Set:  Our first session part of the time is spent on intake and accessing your needs, only about 1/2 hour is yoga.  The next session we will try out a  full yoga session that I have designed for you.  This gives us both a chance to see the benefits of private yoga and if it meets your needs!
$170 for 2 sessions (to be used in 2 weeks.)

$160  1 hour

5 Pack $775($155 hr.) Must be used within 2 months.

10 Pack $1,500 ($150 hr.) Must be used within 6 months.

In Home Private Meditation

MeditateIf you are still not sure of the benefits of meditation, here is an article that gives an overview.  See my bio for my background in meditation. Here are a few scientifically proven benefits:

  1. Mindfulness meditation can reduce cortisol and blood pressure, and to improve the immune system function.
  2. Mindfulness decreases rumination and boosts the ability to pay attention.
  3. Mindfulness meditation has been shown to reduce activity in the amygdala;  a part of the brain that determines how much stress we experience and that is important in regulating fear responses.  And shockingly the practice even shrank the amygdala size.  This lessening in size was correlated with study participants reporting feeling less stressed.  This was considered scientifically “shocking” that a mental technique could have an actual structural change on the brain.
  4. Reduce emotional reactivity to upsetting stimuli.

All sessions-45 min.  Time includes instructions, time for questions and physical set up so you are comfortable.  Slowly the time spent in meditation will be lengthened to the full time.  For new beginners, 15-20 min actual meditation time is a great start.

3 Sessions $375 ($125 hr.) Must be used within 1 month.

5 Sessions $600 ($120 hr.) Must be used within 2 months.

10 Sessions $1,150 ($115 hr.) Must be used within 6 months.

Corporate/On-site Yoga

Classes held in your space in the morning or lunchtime.  Call for free consultation.  Fees are based on business location in Manhattan, class size, frequency etc.  A 6-8 week series is the recommended minimum which gives time to get to know the employees needs.  Session length choice is between is 45-55 min.

Three Offerings for Corporate Sessions:

  1. Yoga Class- Stress relieving, reviving,  yoga postures, breathing practices and relaxation with options for various levels of fitness.  Done in workout clothes.  (WBM)
  2. Desk-side Stretch- a series of simple yoga based exercises that are done using chairs, conference table, and the wall. Includes mindfulness practices too.  Done in business attire. (LM)
  3. Mindfulness- A seated combo of, breathing practice, bodily relaxation and meditation.  Adapted as needed to group needs over time.  (NM)

WBM (whole body movements,)  LM (low movement,) NM (no movement)


  • Mindfulness practices can improve team communication.
  • On-site yoga can decrease employee feelings of burnout.
  • Improve your employees health: simple yoga based stretches to counteract the repetitive stress of the long hours at the keyboard.
  • Improve employee job satisfaction and sense of community.

 Non-profit/Service Agencies-

Call for free consultation.  I love to support agencies working with under-served populations such as at risk youth and low income populations.

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